Here you can discover who St Bart's current band of ringers are and put faces to their names. There is also a section about the Mothers Union learners we are currently teaching, and some notable past ringers are also mentioned.
Colne's current band of seven local ringers is uncharacteristically young, with ages ranging from a sprightly 17 to a positively decrepit 30. The first of these to start ringing were Kevin Pickup and Philip Mott in 1995 (along with Maria Dyson). After being taught to ring at the now virtually silent St Philip's, Nelson, they took it upon themselves to bring Colne's own tower back to life. Over the intervening years since the other regular ringers joined the fray.
Name: (Tower Treasurer)
Started Ringing: September 1999
Profile: Just a short message to give you an insight into me! I started ringing along with Paul after graduating with a degree in Maths and Economics in July 1999. I did have a lesson in 1998 but as I was still at university I chose not to pursue it. Unlike my two younger brothers, Kevin and Chris, my life doesn't revolve around ringing, though it can be a satisfying hobby. Alongside campanology I also like reading, fellwalking, motor racing (an avid hater of Schumacher I hasten to add), and of course shopping - doesn't everyone! I also like to think I'm interested in keeping fit but this usually ends up more thinking than doing.
Ringing Progress: Working on Plain Bob, Grandsire and treble bobbing.
Joanne Brown
Name: (St Bart's & LACR Webmaster)
Started Ringing: September 1999
First Quarter: 24 Dec 2000, Plain Bob Minor (2nd)
Profile: I had several opportunities to start ringing before I eventually did but for one reason or another failed to take them up. I finally began shortly after obtaining a first class degree in Astrophysics and Computer Science from Keele University, together with Joanne (former chieftain of the infamous Pickup Clan but now Mrs Brown). The ringing room at Colne is adorned with some of my Comic Campanology cartoon strips featuring Bellringing Bob and his friends (who are lurking elsewhere around this website). Other than ringing you might find me fellwalking, reading or writing fantasy and horror fiction, stargazing, fantasy role-playing, creating websites, editing newsletters, sinking a few beers, or even juggling...though not all at once! In spite of all these interests I somehow manage to eke a living in the import distribution industry.
Ringing Progress: Several Surprise Minor methods; Grandsire, Stedman, Kent and Oxford; working on Surprise Major, calling and conducting.
Paul Brown
Name: (Former WUBRS President)
Started Ringing: August 1995
Profile: What an awful photo. Doesn't help my case against being labelled the chief beer drinker either :-( I learnt to ring in 1995 with Kevin Pickup (see below), and am still part of the motley crew of overgrown teenagers, newly-weds and ageing mothers that is Colne St Bart's.
Favourite authors: J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, G.K. Chesterton, George MacDonald.
Favourite films: (I warn you I have no taste in films) Monty Python's Holy Grail, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, The BFG (told you).
Favourite music: Ancient - Beethoven, Mozart, Wagner; Modern - Pink Floyd, Beatles, Yes, Camel, Barclay James Harvest, Genesis (early Peter Gabriel prog stuff not later Phil Collins poppy stuff).
Favourite beers: (where do I get this reputation from?) Caledonian Deuchars IPA, Harviestoun's Schiehallion, Hogs Back TEA, Bazen's Pacific, Timothy Taylor's Landlord, Fuller's ESB.
Ringing Progress: Pretty much anything! Surprise Minor and Major, 8-spliced, conducting quarter peals, etc.
Philip Mott
(chief beer sampler)
Name: Chris Pickup
Started Ringing: May 1996
First Quarter: 13 Feb 2000
First Peal: 17 Dec 2000, Grandsire Triples, Colne, 3h 01m
Profile: I started ringing at St Philip's, Nelson in 1996. Soon after this we decided redecorate and bring back into use the tower at St Bartholomew's, We currently have a good band of ringers and visitors from local towers who came to support us, and to date we still have a good band. Over the years I have taught a number of ringing. Unfortunately, not all continued after being taught but the one that have are become part of the ringing ‘family’ not only meeting just for ringing, but other non-ringing events such as days out, holidays, beer festivals etc… Over the years, I have also been involved in the maintenance of the bells, when required and assisted with the restoration of the bells at Padiham. Outside of ringing, I’m a Governance Assurance Engineer working at BAe Systems for Typhoon, I’m a keen mountain biker and walker, and regularly get out and about in the countryside.
Ringing Progress: Surprise Minor methods; Kent, Oxford, Grandsire and Stedman; touches of Plain methods.
Chris Pickup
(a reluctant driver)
Name: Karen Pickup
Started Ringing: 1995
Ringing Progress: Working on trebling, Plain Hunt and Plain Bob.
Name: (Tower Captain & Deputy Ringing Master)
Started Ringing: August 1995
First Peal: Sept 1999, Plain Bob Minor, Goosnargh, 2h 37m
Profile: I started ringing in August 1995 when, after spending around two years learning how to plain hunt with coloured pens and squared paper, something clicked (just before I ran out of ink) and I'm now individually going through NS's 23 spliced - still on squared paper though. Well, I work for BAE SYSTEMS based at Samlesbury as an R&D Engineer in Non Destructive Test. I live with my beloved and soon to be wife and daughter (Karen and Emily) in our first house which we are still doing up (“Got to get the colours just right,” she says). My hobbies are (doing anything that keeps me out of her way) DIY of any kind - I love building stuff - mountaineering, cycling, playing darts for my local and looking after my parrots. To date we have seven Cockatiels, two Love birds (Bonnie & Clyde), and an Eastern Rosella (Rocky), who all live in the aviary I built for them. We are hoping to breed and hand raise the Cockatiels (first chicks due to hatch 24/04/05) and expand our flock when we move to a bigger house. Well, I guess you've heard enough about me now, hope you enjoy the rest of the website and maybe we'll see you one practice night, 'cos remember: every practice night is always one ringer short!
Ringing Progress: Pretty much anything too! Surprise Minor and Major, 8-spliced, conducting quarter peals, etc.
Kevin Pickup
Started Ringing: November 1997
Profile: I've been ringing at St Bart's for over four years and have so far rung two quarter peals of Plain Bob inside. Besides ringing I like watching and playing football and I am a big supporter of Leeds United.
Ringing Progress: Cambridge and Norwich Surprise Minor; Kent and Oxford; working on Grandsire, Stedman and calling touches.
Adam Thompson
(the pool sharp)
Started Ringing: August 1999
First Quarter: 20 Oct 2002, Plain Bob Doubles (6th)
Profile: Well about me. I started ringing early 1999 but was told, "You're too small, come back in a couple of years." So I went away and came back late 1999 and tried again. Seven years later here I am still ringing. I’ve just moved to Lincoln because I'm currently doing a degree in Graphic Design here. Unfortunately, this means I don’t have much free time and haven't yet found a tower here yet. My other interests include reading, playing on computers, role-playing, collecting wargame miniatures and hanging out with friends. However, like my bellringing all these have had to take a backseat while I study. I do manage to keep up two of my hobbies though - listening to music and drinking beer. Well, that’s me. If you are feeling brave and want a deeper look into my mental state the check out my MySpace.
Ringing Progress: Working on Plain Bob Doubles and Minor, and treble bobbing.
Andrew Wilkinson
(resident alcoholic)

Since March 2004 a group of ladies from the St Bartholomew's Mothers Union have been literally learning the ropes. Over a dozen turned up for the first lesson so it was slightly crowded in the ringing chamber, but some decided not to pursue their training and now a core of six remain: Cath, Barbara, Glenys, Christine, Viv and Pam.

They all learned to handle a bell without too much blood, sweat and tears being shed and have made good progress with rounds and called changes with the support of others. The Mothers Union group has had its fair share of publicity too with features published in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph and Colne Times, the latter following an August Bank Holiday fundraising event for the tower.

Initially, the ladies were learning to ring for the 2004 Christmas Eve service in order to raise funds for the future renovation of the St Bartholomew's bells. However, various aspects conspired against them so their pièce de résistance was postponed until Easter Sunday 2005 when they rang together as a band for the first time and did themselves proud. The scale of their accomplishment was matched only by their fundraising efforts as they managed to raise over £750 for the St Bart's bell fund - an outstanding achievment!

And there's no sign of them giving up yet, our Mothers Union learners have become part of our band and continue to come along to learn more at practice nights (despite desparate attempts by some to avoid Kev's angry stare by breaking a leg!).

click for larger image Kevin and Cath in
the ringing room
(courtesy of Lancs
Evening Telegraph)

click for larger image The Ladies: Glenys,
Cath, Viv, Christine,
Pam and Barbara
(courtesy of Karen
Name: Bill Heaton (tower captain until 1996)
Started Ringing: 1936
Peals: 1
First Peal: 08 January 1955, Plain Bob Minor, Colne, 2h 58m
Profile: A long-standing, helpful and hard-working ringer who rang at Colne for 60 years before retiring due to ill health. Ringing blood runs in Bill's veins, for his grandfather - William Heaton - was a prominent tenor ringer at St Bartholomew's in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
Name: C. James Hustler
Started Ringing: 1985
Peals: 288+
Quarters: Lost count now but probably 400+
Towers Visited: 850+
Profile: Learnt to ring at Southampton University and got a good grounding in the basics in the Blackburn Branch at Clitheroe, Whalley, Waddington, Darwen and Blackburn Cathedral during the summer vacations. Rung and worked in Southampton until 1992 before moving back North to a new job in Liverpool although initially I rang at Preston and Blackburn Cathedral (where I was ringing master until Oct 1994) and later at Heptonstall. Moved to Worcester in late 1994 and joined the Cathedral but work moved me to Essex in 1997. I live in Chelmsford and ring at Writtle (8, 18 cwt).
Ringing Heroes: Noel Gibbin (for teaching me in the first place); Peter Hill (for improving my striking and doing a very good job of defining the ideal tower captain); Cyril Crossthwaite (for encouraging me to conduct and explaining why it went wrong when it did); and George Campling (for providing all the peal ringing opportunities that pushed the envelope).
Name: Yvonne Wilson (nee Morville)
Started Ringing: 1949
Profile: I was a girl guide in the 1st Colne Parish Church company when I was approached by Frank Heap to learn to ring the church bells, so I decided to do it to gain a guide badge. This I thought would take six months. In the company of another guide, Jessie Helliwell, I went along to the church, through an ancient small door in the outside of the tower, up a stone staircase and with great trepidation knocked on the door of what became known to us as the ringing room. In here we spent many happy hours and, I must say, an occasional depressing one learning to ring and study for our campanologists badge. Little did I know that I would still be ringing over 50 years later. Yes, we got the badge, but we also got a lifetime of pleasure from ringing church bells. I had some years when I didn't ring, training as a nurse, later married and had three children, but I am pleased to say that my daughter is a ringer, she married a ringer and their daughter is a new ringer too. So thank you to Frank Heap, Bill Heaton and others who instructed me in the ancient art of bellringing when I was just a lass - we now have three generations of ringers in our family.
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