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Short list of recent modifications and updates to the site.
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More than 20 photographs of the church and its grounds, the tower, ringing room and the bells.
Bonnie Colne Upon the Hill
Brief history of Colne since its likely inception nearly 2000 years ago.
St Bartholomew's Parish Church
Information on the church since its foundation in the early 12th century.
History of the Bells
The complete history of the bells from the 17th century to the present day.
Ringing in the 19th Century
A description and photograph of the ringers at this time, also an account of an 1820s ringing contest.
The Early 20th Century
Ringers and bellringing at Colne in the early 1900s, together with photos.
The Foulds Family
A detailed account and photographs of this key family of bellringers, including photographs.
Years of Drought
The period of dormancy at Colne in the mid-20th century.
Dawn of a New Millennium
News of the most recent ringing revival, the current band of ringers and what they have achieved.
Information on the physical characteristics of Colne's bells, including their weights, diameters and inscriptions.
Sounds of St Bartholomew's
A downloadable audio clip of the latest peal to be rung.
Repairs & Maintenance
Some of the modifications and improvements that have been made to the tower and bells during the last few years, includes some photos.
Some information on how to come and see us including details of previous visitors.
Learning to Ring
A brief introduction on the steps to take when learning to ring church bells, either at Colne or anywhere else, including a few links to some helpful sites.
Bring a Bug!
St Bart's collection of mini bugs and the campaign to get more!
Details of practice night and Sunday service ringing times, as well as cancellations or other arrangements. Little Jimmy and Sam also put in an appearance!
Bellringing Trips
The low-down on our annual ringing trips with plenty of photographs. Sections include our 2001, 2002, Jan-Jun 2003, Jul-Dec 2003, and 2004 outings.
Striking Competitions
Some information on the striking competitions we have entered and our performances.
Lifelong Learning
Details of Lifelong Learning events we have attended including photos of the Lichfield mini-ring.
Training Days
Some of the experiences we've had on the LACR Training Days.
St Bartholomew's Band
Profiles and photographs of all of Colne's current band of ringers.
Mothers Union
Information on our current band of Mothers Union learners and their progress.
Ringers of the Past
Profiles of a handful of prominent or regular ringers of the past.
The Weddings
News and photos of Joanne & Paul's wedding as well as Kevin & Karen's.
Christmas Meals
Details of the many Christmas meals we've been on including photos.
Quiz Nights
Piccies of our amazing array of LACR Quiz Night booby prizes!
Treasure Hunts
Details of the LACR Treasure Hunts we have been on in the past.
Ringing Walks
Information and photographs of the walks we have been on as a group or to raise funds.
Marking the Millennium
News of Colne's part in the RING in 2000 millennium celebrations.
Peals Rung
Extensive details of peals rung at St Bartholomew's from 1901 to the present.
Quarter Peals
Similar information on a few of the more recent quarters rung at Colne.
Five Comic Campanology cartoon strips featuring Bellringing Bob and his friends (as featured in The Ringing World and Lancashire Ringer newsletter).
Links to other LACR towers with web sites of their own, together with a selection of other sites that have links to St Bartholomew's or are otherwise relevant.
A form for sending feedback, comments or requests to us!
Previous Comments
Some of the things people have said about our site (all reproduced with permission).
This page!
Places to Drink
Brief reviews of the pubs we've had a drink in after practices and on outings.
Places to Eat
Fun critiques and reviews of all the pubs we have eaten in on our ringing trips.
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